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Mitre 10 and Midas


North Lakes, QLD


February 2021 - August 2021

Project type

Commercial, Development Application

This project located at North Lakes proposed a car service centre which included a staged development outcome as a result of client tenancy demand and resulted in a MIDAS car service centre and a Mitre-10 Hardware Centre.

The project was unique in that two local planning instruments were applicable the Pine Rivers Plan 2006 – Frayne’s South Structure Plan and the Mango Hill Infrastructure Development Control Plan (No14). This combined approach unique to North Lakes posed further challenges to the approval of this development.

The challenges of this project was with regards to getting the ingress and egress to operate without compromising the function of the nearby roundabout and residential estate intersection. In addition, we had to negotiate with Council and the State greater signage for the property as the site was adjoining the Bruce Highway.

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