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Gold Coast Town Planners


We offer a broad range of consultancy services working across strategic planning, development assessment, government advisory and stakeholder engagement.

Our team’s experience in private practice, local government and state government mean we are ideally placed to provide services to both the public and private sector across Queensland.


Let us explain how our services and approach can add value to your next project.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is at the heart of our practice; it is what we are truly passionate about.  We bring a wealth of experience from our previous strategic planning roles in both state and local government, delivering fresh ideas, critical thinking and integrated strategic planning outcomes. 


Our vast strategic planning experiences includes planning scheme drafting, growth management strategies, infrastructure planning, urban renewal and precinct planning and policy development. We have worked on some of the most complex projects, from housing strategies, to 2050 growth management strategies and citywide building height studies.


We have a truly fresh approach to strategic planning, that recognises the growing interest of our communities and their neighbourhoods, whilst recognising that we are in a period of rapid change. This approach ensures that we bring to the forefront the critical questions, using simple easy to understand language, that supports a genuine dialogue with the community as part of the planning process.   


Ultimately, we help turn complex planning challenges into opportunities, allowing cities and regions to position themselves competitively in the global network of interconnected places that we live, work and play.


We have extensive experience in facilitating and managing the development approval process for master planned communities, retail centres, commercial business parks, high rise residential and industrial development.


We are also industry recognised specialised in the waste sector, having successfully delivered a number of public and private projects of regional significance across South East Queensland.


Our understanding and work in planning policy means we are uniquely placed to drive our client projects through to approval, strategically using the planning framework. Our projects are delivered in a timely, practical and commercially astute outcome.  


Our approach to project management is what sets us apart. Our client’s timeframes and project drivers are at the forefront of our approach. The boutique nature of our practice means our director’s intimately drive each project to its successful completion, an approach that mitigates the risks that arise through the planning process.

government advisory and community engagement

Our range of government advisory and community engagement services are based on a diverse skillset our team have developed whilst working at every level of state and local government.


From in-house planning support, to cultural and organisational review and economic development advisory, our team work to understand the organisations process workflow and then develop clear and implementable plans to setup operations for future success.

We have grouped our government advisory and stakeholder engagement services together, because we think they go hand in hand.  We understand the importance of not just engagement, but early engagement and bringing the community along the journey. It is becoming more and more clear that the community seek to have greater transparency from governments in their decision making and educating the community on this process and decision making, is fundamental to our engagement approach.


We take the onus as technical professional to engage in a truly meaningful way, where we are upfront about the way in which community can input into the process and we are clear on the outcomes. This manages stakeholder expectations and mitigates corporate risk.

local buy

We are a Local Buy partner on the Planning, Surveying, Design & Architecture
Prequalified Supplier Arrangement. We are available for future tender opportunities through the Local Buy selection. 

Local Buy Gold Coast Town Planners
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