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Logan Reserve


Logan Reserve, QLD


March 2022 - Ongoing

Project type

Residential Subdivision, Variation Request, Development Application

The Applicant was seeking to explore opportunities to redevelop the site into a residential housing estate. Unfortunately the density that the applicant was after was not anticipated by Planning Scheme, with the site being located outside of the priority infrastructure area (PIA) and not supported by the provisions of the local area plan.

As a result of the inconsistencies with the Planning Scheme and the future small lots, we strategised with the client to seek the necessary approval for a Variation Request to the Planning Scheme. This outcome varied the way in which future dwelling houses were assessed over the site.

In addition to the Variation Request, the development application also sought approval for a reconfiguration of a lot as part of a combined development application. Therefore a combined development application for a Development Permit for a Reconfiguration of Lot from 5 into 140 lots including road and park and a Variation Request to vary the effect of the Planning Scheme was applied for.

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